Listen; Let Your Art Be Itself


"I have been no more than a medium, as it were." - Henri Matisse

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Too often we are creating our art with one eye on the audience. Constantly criticizing and engaging our work with the rational mind, when creatively-speaking, our intuition and receptivity are our greatest allies. Make space for guidance and assistance in your art, and it will show up in your life. 

We must listen. We must let our works birth themselves. Let your Art BE, for it is You who you are judging, and You who you are birthing. Paintings, or whathaveyou, are like sentient beings of their own. Like children, you do not know who they are going to be when they are born, but you can love them, accept them, and nourish them. You can't force their growth. You can't always make them cooperate with your perceived deadlines. You must surrender to them. Listen to them. Ask them what is next, what do they desire, and who are they asking to become -

You might not always like your art. You might not always think it achieves your standards of quality, beauty, or craftsmanship... but when we listen, we often achieve something more. We often tap into a sort of Oracle, a kind of magic that can weave beauty and healing into our lives. Somewhere along the way, we will notice that there is a very fine line between our "inner" and our "outer" realities, and we may begin to wonder... Who is the creator, and who is the creation?

"Would not it be best to leave room to mystery?" - Henri Matisse

From my perspective, it is very typical and perhaps overly-socially accepted that we are constantly achieving, but much of that achievement is not rooted in what truly matters. There is a higher form of creativity, one which is rooted in the Higher Self. It is ripe with guidance, messages, and medicine. 

Listen to your Art. Surrender to what is wanting to emerge, and focus more on the essence of the work over the achievements gained.