The Synchronic Orchestra

"i kNOW tHAT lANGUAGE" 2011

Artist Statement(s): June 29, 2016

For me, painting is about creating a visual poetry from intuition and technical skill, gained from nearly 15 years of embracing painting as a healing art. It is a therapy, it is an oracle, a mirror, a friend, a place to rest, and a timeless tool.

It’s a time for self reflection, to find that “golden thread” and bring some kind of connection between the inner and outer dimensions of my "being" - whatever that is.

Somehow through that weave, something emerges that is both personal and universal.

Art is never one thing, can be many things, or anything, but for me... it is this: It is a chronicle of the synchronic orchestra.  

The synchronic orchestra is the hand of grace - a sort of living poetic sentience often called synchronicity. 

I am often inspired by a lot of different elements that have been woven into my life tapestry. It is that synchronic orchestra that is most influential in the subject matter I choose to work with. Sometimes it is the use of different artistic mediums, sometimes it is helped by our plant teachers, sometimes dreams, and other forms of guidance. But mostly, it is an intuitive internet, to which I feel I've been honing my connection. 

I don’t always LOVE every painting that emerges, aesthetically - but I believe that trusting the process is essential and that each creation has something unique to offer; some special medicine, teaching, or lesson. I try to simply allow the work to unfold than to overly intellectualize it to death, although, I have done that at times too. 

My process is a combination of technique and intuitive listening, a sort of combination of “seeing” and “feeling”.  My paintings are generally filled with nature motifs, geometry, and figurative work, and are probably most known for the use of vibrant glazes and harmonizing colors.

The goal of which may be manyfold... but the most obvious to me seems to be To Be. Not to preach, nor teach, nor tell anyone to adopt any of my own philosophies, but like flowers produced by the creature that is I, to radiate an oasis of nectar... To be a Beacon... To Shine... To Inspire.

"Seeds of Faith" - 2015