Workshop: Basic Skills Boot Camp 1


Workshop: Basic Skills Boot Camp 1


- Get your ninja skills for composing visual images -

This is a short but condensed workshop for beginners, intermediate, and self-taught artists that want a stronger conceptual foundation of basic concepts and techniques to improve their drawing and painting skills -

All of these subjects could be studied and practiced indefinitely, but this course is designed to create a foundation for further practice.

It is a recommended pre-requisite for any other workshops, as it will help you get more out of each class by improving your knowledge of concepts and techniques.

Subjects Covered:

- "General to Specific"
-  Visual Measuring & Proportion
- Contour Lines
- Linear Block-In
- Cross Hatching
- Negative Space
-Constructive Form
- Line: Fluidity, Weight, Simplifying
- Shading: Light & Shadow
- Exaggeration & Expressiveness

 Composition Basics:
- Scale & Proportion
- Repetition
- Emphasis
- Balance
- Movement
- Unity

Perspective Basics:
- Horizon Line
- Linear Perspective (Grid)
- Atmospheric Perspective
- Value

Using Reference Materials
- Simplifying Photo Studies

We will play a few games, learn a few techniques, do several small studies to integrate the concepts, and put it all together in a final project of composing original imagery, working from reference photos and imagination.

Dates: TBA (Likely a 6 Week Course, and an Intensive Option)
Location: AsIf Studios, Grass Valley
Cost: $65

*Online Version Might Be Available*

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