Shamanic Practice x Visionary Art: Reclaiming The Seed of Your Power

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Shamanic Practice x Visionary Art: Reclaiming The Seed of Your Power


This workshop is themed: ReClaiming The Seed of Your Power

Art is a powerful way of engaging with the unconscious, transmuting negative emotions, and allowing the purity of our authenticity to come forward. Like Shamanic Practice, Art is a method for communicating with the spirit world, and every art form has arisen from shamanic origins. 

Often when we are confronted with issues around our power, we are learning to embrace who we are, our truth, and our gifts- Not who we think we are, or were taught to be through social conditioning, but who we genuinely are as a unique, soulful expression of Source. We tend to be re-scripting painful stories around rejection, self-confidence, and self-expression.

When we combine Shamanic Practice with Art Practice, we create a powerful symbiosis. Shamanic Practice not only strengthens our spiritual immune system and connection to the Spirit World, but it can help inspire us with healing visions that we can utilize in our creative expression, offering us more healing and more liberation to stand in the power of who we are. 

This Workshop is designed for anyone interested in Shamanic Practice and Art. This course is process-oriented, but those who are interested in creating inspired art from their visions, with intention & for self-care, will particularly love this workshop. Prior knowledge of Shamanism & Art-Making is NOT required! Absolutely all skill levels from beginner to advanced are welcome.

Come willing to be open, to share, and to enjoy the experience.

Mariscela Alvarez will be guiding the Shamanic Journey into the Underworld to connect with your Power, as represented by your power animal. She will also guide Chi Kung and a drumming circle. After which, we will work further with the Medicine of your Inner Vision through art.

Mariscela is a Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Tai Qi and Chi Kung instructor, Facilitates Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, as well as leads sacred journeys to Bolivia and Peru.

Ashely will be guiding the art portion of the journey, and will offer you some background on the shamanic origins of the arts as well as the healing effect of art making. Demonstration on drawing from reference materials will be offered based upon class interest. One on One attention during the studio session will be available to anyone who would like it. 

Some supplies will be provided, but it is recommended that you bring what you have. A white charcoal pencil is recommended for this class. 

This session's project will combine self-portraiture and animal guides. It is recommended you bring a photo of yourself or a mirror, and a photo of your power animal if you know it already. If you don't know it already, there are a lot of reference materials printed and provided that you can work with.

We will:

  • Create a Sacred space by honoring our ancestors in the Native Tradition.

  • Practicing gentle Chi Kung exercises and conscious breathing through the center of your personal power.

  • Journeying to the underworld to connect with your animal spirit ally, as the expression of your inner power.

  • Celebrating YOU through the heartbeat of the Mother Drum during a Drumming Circle.

  • A Presentation on the Shamanic Origins of Art and Clinical Research on the healing power of creativity 

  • A Drawing Workshop & Demonstration will give you foundations for your natural creative expression.

  • Penetrate the depths of your creative landscape to remember who you were before you were conditioned to be someone else.

What to bring:

  • Drums, rattles, pillows, and blankets.  Bring extras to share!

  • Your own drawing supplies if you have your preferred ones.  Minimal supplies will be provided. A white charcoal pencil is recommended.

  • Some photo reference material will also be provided, but you should bring a photo of yourself or a mirror, and your own reference photo of your power animal if you know what it is.

  • Lunch will be catered and is included in the price.

    *We ask that you do not leave sacred space during the course of the workshop, so come prepared, especially if you have dietary restrictions.*


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If you would like to create alternative payment arrangements & registration, please contact Mariscela:, (530) 863-0003, or mail check or money order to her @ PO BOX 1204, Nevada City, CA 95959

DATES: 2/4/2016; 9:30am-6:30pm (Saturday)
LOCATION:  Downtown Nevada City


Mariscela Alvarez:
Mariscela was born in the highlands of Perú, where her soulful heritage from the land of the Incas has always been present, leading her to reconnect with ancient traditions of North and South America and to learn powerful healing tools she uses to assist herself and others. 

Mariscela is the founder of Free Your Spirit, a holistic practice based on the knowledge that we are an integrated system in which our minds interact and affect our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. As a Shamanic-healing practitioner, she guides people to activate their spiritual essence and sense of well-being by helping them clear blocked energies with the application of Shamanic journeys, soul and power loss retrieval, release of energetic interference and more.

“During this vital time of personal and global changes, our old ways of perceiving our inner world and interacting with the outer world need to be reorganized.  Like an author who is constantly revising content in his book, people have the ability to re-write and improve the content in their own lives.”
~ Mariscela

To learn more about Mariscela, please visit:

Ashely Foreman:
Ashely is primarily a painter and also works in the fields of illustration, tattoo and education.

She is a visionary artist, who has gained popularity over the years as a live-painter at popular events and music festivals across the country. She has been a published illustrator by Hay House, as well as been featured in two publications of internationally recognized visionary art, including the upcoming book, "Women of Vision".

“I think the most powerful thing we can accomplish with our work is to inspire each other to accept responsibility for the liberation of oneself from the social conditioning of previous generations and the prevailing ignorance of our cultural story; to dismantle who we were falsely taught that we are and find the unique creative identity within.” ~ Ashely

To learn more about Ashely, please visit:


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