Rates & Services



Logo a la'carte

- Just the logo -

Basic $300
Complex $500
Hand Drawn Illustrative $500

Additional Services will be charged separately $50/hr


branding package

Your Logo + Files for:
Biz Card + Letterhead + Envelope

Basic $500
Complex $700



$50/hr - General pricing for help formatting business cards, book covers, cd covers, vectorizing, reformating/fixing artwork for print, as well as consulting help and technical support for your website.

The Design Process:

1. Consultation
Approx 1 hour
In Person or via Google Hangouts

  • Discuss your business/company/project

  • Discuss your preferences, likes/dislikes/values/brand
    Color Schemes, Styles, Fonts

  • What kinds of words describe your business
    - Serious, Conservative, Free Spirited, Trustworthy, Health, New Age, Alternative, Unique, Handmade, Mystical, Grounded, Playful, Modern

  • -Who are your target audience and what do they like?

  • Share reference photos, symbols, personal sketches, or anything else that you wish to share with me, and I will also tell you what kinds of imagery I am seeing, if any

  • Select appropriate package (Can be customized)

  • Sign Contract, Pay deposit, and set approximate due date to meet again to review the first round of designs

2. Next Meeting

  • At this point, I will have emailed you several ideas from what we discussed and the information you provided.

  • Select Favorite Design, or favorite elements from multiple designs to be re-composited, for final round of revisions. 1 hour of live revision, either in person or via screen share is included in your price. This allows you more than 3 variations to explore colors and layouts fully, and takes less time spent playing email-tag.

  • Pay remaining balance

  • You Receive High Res Files

What I Need From You

  • Company/Business Name

  • Tagline

  • What do you Do?

  • Email Address

  • Reference Photos, thumbnail sketches, crappy stick-figure doodles (yes), font names, colors you enjoy.

  • What do you love

  • What don't you love

  • Date(s) of Availability for Consult

Email Me ashely@1320studios.com