"Path of Souls"


"Path of Souls"

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Story: This piece was commissioned in 2012 by a patron that wanted me to capture the first vision she had received in an altered state.

Her story and heritage, I later found out, correlated with the Cherokee' name for the Milky Way - The Path of Souls - and what happens when a Soul moves on from the Physical Plane.

As it goes, the White Wolf Mother comes to help guide the Soul on the Path of Souls through the gateway known as Sirius A & B.

** To reduce environmental impact, online print orders are drop shipped straight from the printer, without mounting or plastic sleeve. You can have it mounted upon request for additional charge. Highly recommend framing** I cannot drop ship to Alaska or Hawaii! But, I can ship it to myself, and then send it to you via UPS - there will just be a delay in the shipping, and shipping will cost an extra $7 ($14 total). **

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