"Heaven & Earth"


"Heaven & Earth"

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A commission from Australia, completed in 2012, "Heaven & Earth" was made around the time of some deeper internal shifts in my being.

It was a call to ground down, to be disciplined, to focus on building a proper foundation that could support my highest dreams. Dreams are wonderful, but when they are not rooted in a way that can make them real, we can find ourselves blocked on our path rather than growing and cultivating our gifts to give the world. We are drifting in day dreams and fantasy, but unable to bring our longing through into a physical manifestation. 

This piece is about having both -- your Dreams, AND a kick ass physical incarnation. It's about dreaming big, AND loving the mundane details of "everyday life" that can grow and cultivate your "vision seed" into something tangible and real.

I cannot drop ship to Alaska or Hawaii! But, I can ship it to myself, and then send it to you via UPS - there will just be a delay in the shipping, and shipping will cost an extra $7 ($14 total).

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