Testimonial:  "It is such a gift to work with an artist who is not only talented enough to bring my vision to life, and then onto my body, but also attuned to the spiritual process of this journey. Super grateful for how you walked me through this" - Andrea
Testimonial: "It was honestly the most unique tattoo experience I have ever had - almost like a meditation session. So relaxing, but also empowering! Couldn't be happier with the outcome. Already thinking about the next one." - Kat

Works In Progress

Realistically, a handful of the pieces above are "works in progress" because some will have color eventually, but these two are particularly "in progress"... especially the buck back piece, which doesn't have all the line work in yet, but will be a full color back piece. The cover-up (arm) needs shading and highlights to finish covering up what was below. I like these pieces, even in progress, and wanted to share.


Small tattoos are flat rate, and there is a $100 minimum - I might make an exception if you're providing your own art. 

Larger or more complex tattoos are pay-as-you-go hourly

Color costs more

Up to 1 hour of drawing your custom art is included in the tattoo's overall rate, but anything more and excessive revisions and drafts will be charged $30/hour.

A deposit is required to start drawing your design and book your appointment. Deposit amount can be up to half the estimated cost of the proposed work.