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Tell me a bit about your original concept if you have one, or if you need help conceptualizing your ideas. 1) Ideas 2) Placement/Location on the Body (1-3 placement alternatives) 3) Approx. Size I specialize in custom designed original artwork, with an emphasis on design and composition. I put in a lot of hard work to create one-of-akind work, and my own flash, so the goal before I draw is to get pretty specific and save time on reworking the artwork before you get your tattoo. I do not: Copy other people's tattoos, but I will use it as photo reference and inspiration. I do not: Do Tribal or Polynesian style tattoos. Those tattoos have meaning to specific cultures, and you should seek out someone who is expert in that style.
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The Deposit does go toward my tattoo when i show up for my appointment. I have 72 hours to provide notice for reschedule without losing my deposit, unless it is a legit emergency. In some cases, only a portion of my deposit will be returned, to cover drawing time for concepts created.