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 Paper Prints Are Drop Shipped for $7 and have been priced lower to reflect the cost of not having board mounting & sleeve that you would find if you were purchasing from me or in a retail location. Those materials are not exactly environmentally friendly, and primarily used to protect the print. In this case, you do not need those things, but you *can* order them at an added cost if you need to.

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"Ayehli" (Center, Soul, Nation)
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Made this piece after my first native american church ceremony several years ago, which was beautiful but intense, and involved lessons around the female body, the womb, and its relationship to both the "Galactic Womb" (think fractal), and the Environment.

I cannot drop ship to Alaska or Hawaii! But, I can ship it to myself, and then send it to you via UPS - there will just be a delay in the shipping, and shipping will cost an extra $7 ($14 total).

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